Tech Dev

1st Class, Full-Stack Software Development

We offer software development services in all domains including backend and frontend technologies, design, mobile development, project management and digital marketing by way of PPC and SEO.
We are not limited to these, you can always discuss your project and we will design a perfect tech solution for you that will be cost effective, easy to use and scalable.

Software Development

Our team consists of experienced professionals in all domains, who identify and suggest the technology that best fits your product. Designing the best tech solution for your product or service is what we excel at.
Web Application Development
We create carefully engineered interfaces of varying levels of difficulty on the web. Our web applications provide simple solutions for complex functionalities and also introduce high-end interactivity, all in a very cost-efficient manner.
Productivity App Development
For those that are interested in measuring effectiveness and efficiency, we make technological tools that help manage and organize business processes. Productivity apps are a means of measuring success and promoting accountability in work processes.
3rd Party Integrations
If you are interested in partnering with another party, we can combine API data sources to successfully create a powerful connection in order to help you coordinate larger tech activities. We skillfully engineer an integration that allows for better functionality and the quick exchange of information.
Front- End Development
We create the face of your business by designing aesthetic and user-friendly interfaces or improving those that exist. We can also create visually appealing websites from scratch. Our versatile designs can help enhance website interactivity to attract and retain traffic.
Back-End Development
Our specifically engineered processes help power websites and applications. We create competent solutions as a means of increasing website traffic and enhancing user experience. Our success lies in the use of the latest technology and organized processes for excellent results.
Mobile Development
We create high-tech mobile applications as a means to provide pocket-size interfaces at customers’ fingertips, ensuring they are connected all the time. Our carefully designed apps ensure that quick and thorough solutions are provided for contemporary business needs.

Digital Marketing

Making your company, product or service visible to your ideal customer can be achieved in a multitude of ways. At Gtech, we achieve your objectives using a channel mix unique to your company, based on analysis and unparalleled expertise.
Google Analytics
To ensure business success, we provide the who, what, when, and where of your website through Google Analytics. Detailed information about visitors helps improve campaign targeting and allows an analysis of customer journeys in order to improve customer experience.
Pay Per Click Optimization
We employ top tactics in order to generate excellent advertising results and use a combination of solutions including landing pages, ad extensions, targeted ad copy, etc. Using our properly formed strategies enables effective revenue maximization
Search Engine Optimization
Our content creation and marketing strategies allow you to rank at the top of search engines and generate traffic and leads through engaging content. We focus on gauging interest, engaging the visitor, and finally converting them in to a customer.

UI / UX Design

Usability is at the heart of successful products and remain at the very core of everything Gtech does. We work with some of Europe’s leading designers to define unique UI/UX plans to elevate your product or service.
User Interface
We make aesthetically appealing designs in order to attract and retain users for a longer period of time. Our designs are high-end and professionally impressive, increasing website authenticity and building customer trust.
User Experience
We create a simplified intuitive experience highlighting your competencies and easily lead the customer to take action. Our analytically designed customer journeys help you fulfill business goals profitably.